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Web Hosting

Along with designing your website we can also host your site for you. This isn't a requirement, you are very welcome to arrange your own hosting if you wish.

Web Hosting? What's that then?

Hosting Server

In order to make your website visible from anywhere in the world, it is necessary to hire space on a computer (a server) which has a permanent internet connection. This is what we call Web Hosting.

Arooney Web Hosting

Our primary site is a newly built facility based in Sittingbourne, Kent. From here we collect our IP transit from SynergyWorks, operating a fully BGP compliant network utilising a "best path" routing policy. Our network is provided courtesy of RackSRV Communications.

Arooney Hosting offers the highest quality web hosting services at the lowest possible prices.  We make web hosting simple so that you can relax and focus on your core business.  Our servers are top of the line, with redundant hardware, power sources, and hourly backups to guarantee that we provide unbeatable service.

As part of your web design package, we offer to arrange the hosting of your website for you so you don't have to worry about all the technicalities.

For full details of Arooney Hosting, please click through to our sister site Arooney Hosting.